Amature Video and Photograph Models Needed.

TV's/TS's/CD's Genetic Females and Males Wanted

Modeling with me is fun and Easy! I'm currently looking for fun seeking models, for amatuer video and photographs. All pictures will be taken with me, or with anouther Tgirl.

Contact Me Here The Deal : I will give you one copy of any video taken, plus I will give you a liftetime membership to my site. Photographs work the same way, you will get either a full set of the two/three/more of us that you are in, to use as you please, OR I will do a photoshoot of you for your personal use. Either way, you decide what you want and how we will work it. I'm not into games or playing around, If you are only partially serious about doing a shoot, please don't contact me. But if you are interested in having a great time and actually showing up to take the pics/video with me, then by all means please contact me via email or call Lesley to get started at



I prefer people that have pictures of themselves. IF you have them, send them, you will get a quicker responce!

Must be able to be on camera.

Have a nice body.

Willing to show up on time.

Be interested in having a GREAT time with Me (Tonya) or other Tgirls/males/females etc.

I prefer: Under 35 but over 18, built, nicely hung men (5.5 +)

I love playing with boobies, and eating pussy. must be 35 or under, and over 18. :)

You HAVE to provide Proof of current age. Any State ID is fine, and only for my records.


Model Verification
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