Arizona Hang Outs

The Park
24th Street and Thomas Just north of Thomas on 24th STREET, West side of the street.
Phoenix, AZ
It's where I (Tonya) always hang out, When I'm in Arizona. So if you know I'm home check here first to find me on the weekend.
Show's on Saturday's and Thursday's. Friday's are Male dance reviews. Something worth checking out if your a T girl looking for a lot of eye candy. Don't be surprised if you get hit on by the big boy's. They love to ahem play with the girls, if you know what I mean! LOL.

23 W. Camelback
Phoenix, AZ
(602) 265-0224
C&W bar until after hours then good dance music. Take A date here if you can, If your a Tgirl it might be hard to find someone to dance with unless your very brave and outgoing.. Lots of very good looking men to play with if you can get them to play! hehe Often these guys are not real friendly to TG folks or women in general. There are, however, often TGs there after hours.

7th St at Camelback
Phoenix, AZ
"The gay Denney's"
The majority of the staff here is either gay or doesn't care if you are, so it's a great place to park your drunk ass before you go home for the night to sleep off your stupor! A few of my friends work here and most of the staff seem to take care of everyone very well. Very TG Friendly and they don't mind if you sit there half the night as long as you keep ordering your coffee hot! hehe I go here every now and then to sober up and chit chat with the Girls from the Drag show's.

Jerry's Restaurant

24th street and Thomas -- On Thomas just west of the 24th street/Thomas Control Light.
You can't miss the big red sign. VERY VERY TG Friendly after the bars clothes, it's open 24/7 and you can get THE best Biscuits and Gravy here. (My Favorite). Usually a few girls here on the weekend evenings after the bars close. I know personally this is where I like to sober up the most before going home. And usually some of the Drag show girls will be here after hours if they aren't partying still.

7th Street south of Camelback
Phoenix, AZ
Bar and grill. Two bars. One's in the restaurant and the other is in the lounge. Very nice interior and Friendly to T girls. Full of gay men and women. Being hit on is not abnormal here, but generally doesn't happen often. Nice place to relax and have a cocktail. The foods okay, very eclectic. I'm not real fond of it, but I'm a homecookin' type of girl and not really into all the posh uppity type places. So if your going here, go in jeans or if you wanna fit in, wear something nice! They have show's every weekend on Saturday night. My friend Phedra is the Diva of the evening! So if you see her tell her Tonya sent you!

5707 n 7th St
Phoenix, AZ
(602) 265-9002,
They have Drag show's on all nights of the week including the weekends (as of this writing anyway). Most of the Famous Arizona Girls play here on the weekends. Like I said, I'm not into the Uppity type of place, and this is definitely one of them, In my experience they are not to friendly to Transsexuals. Mostly gay men here during the day and like I said, not always real friendly to the TG Ladies that go here. They do however serve good drinks and will get your ass cocktailed fairly well. They do sometimes serve "cocktail hour".

CC's Or Crusin Central (Prostitutes and Bagavon's here)
ON central and Roosevelt -- Just north of Roosevelt on the east side of the street next to the tall building. Parking in back in the Parking Garage
And I only put it here cause it's so disgusting that it brings you back to reality! It's a great pick up bar, do not and I repeat DO NOT bring your wallet in this place, lock it in the trunk and bring only enough cash to pay for your drink order. Don't flash your money around here, unless you want to be bombarded by drunks prostitutes and drug addicts looking to give you a blowjob for a few bucks. They make seriously strong drinks at a really good price (least they have some redeeming qualities! LOL). If you see MOTHER there (Little petite blonde lady) say hi to her for me!! (I've obviously been here a few times! giggle)

The Muse Cafe on Thursday Evenings
from 7 -9 and sometimes beyond as a TG singles NON - Drinking place to go for transgendered persons to meet other eligible in the East Valley community. The Muse is located at 1032 North Terrace in Tempe (just off of Rural Road OR Apache Boulevard). It's for Tgirls interested in a non drinking atmosphere.