Tonya's Wish List

Wish List

My Sizes and Mailing Address

What You Get

Please do NOT send Used Items.

  • DIGITAL CAMERA! I need a really good quality digital camera to take tons of pics for everyone to see!
  • Gift Certificates to Victoria Secrets, Fredricks of Hollywood, or any online fetish company.
  • Dildo's, Large and Small.
  • High Heels, Thigh high boots.
  • Fetish Items/Clothing (such as whips, chains, handcuffs, vinyl, pvc, leather, (my total favorite is catsuits)
  • Glamour items.
  • Breats Implants (well atleast it's a goal I want to acheive one day! Smiles)
  • Diamonds, and white gold :) hehe
  • 2002 Thunderbird convertable in Black or a blue Shelby GT500.

Dresses: 5/6 S

Panties: Small

Shoes/boots: 7us

boostier's and bra's: small or size 34b.

Catsuites: 3/4 Female Taylored

Favorite Colors: Black, White, Pinks, Purple and Blues In those orders :)

1225 W Main St Ste 101
Mesa, Arizona

This is NOT my house By the way, so please do NOT show up to this address. They do not know how to find me, and if they did they wouldn't tell anyone anyway. Not that you wouldn't be kind, but please keep this in mind. Thank you. Tonya

First it's my pleasure to thank you before hand for even reading this, I always love to get presents and nothing surpises me more! I would love pretty much anything that you send and will be sure to take pictures with it.

I will send you digital pictures of me using the toy's, clothing or any items that you have sent to me.

Any Toy's or panties you would like returned to you Will have a surcharge and Shipping handeling fee.

Panties/dildo's worn or used by me and returned. $25.00 Plus $8.00 S&H.

Contact Me Here If you have sent something